If you are renting out your holiday cottage, here’s how you can avoid going into debt

If you have bought a pretty country cottage for your family to spend holidays in, you can make it pay for itself by renting it out, when you are not using it. There are a variety of websites that can help you rent out your home for a short while, in return for a cut of the rent you make.holiday cottages scotland

Your holiday home does not have to maintain any particular standards when you are renting it out. Make sure that you take good pictures of the home and describe the home, location, location, nearby places, facilities in your home etc in detail so that there is no ambiguity. There been a recent upward trend in the number of people looking for holiday homes on rent, when they take their family out on a vacation. It is more personalized as compared to staying in a hotel. The money you earn, will of course help you settle your debts – in most cases, it can be used for repaying the loan taken to purchase the house you have put on rent.

While you can definitely make money by renting out your holiday home, you need to remember that any income you make will be taxable. You also have to make sure that you have the necessary permissions from the local authorities, neighbours etc (For example, according to Westminster council, you need to obtain permission if you want to let your property for less than 90 days, without which you could be fined).

It is ideal if you do not leave any high value items at the house while letting it out on rent.
Owning a holiday home and letting it out on rent is the easiest way to make some additional money and reduce/clear your debts.

So do your research well, tie up with a local expert (it is worth the money you have to pay to them as they will help you find the right people), let your holiday home out on rent and take a few steps closer towards being free of debt!

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What are the most popular features of holiday cottages in Scotland?

One of the leading tourist destinations in the United Kingdom is Scotland. This country attracts numerous visitors annually due to its unspoilt and clean nature, beautiful scenery, complex history, historical sites and numerous historic attractions.

A great and economical way of exploring and enjoying this beautiful country is by renting a holiday cottage. The country offers holiday cottages with a wide range of features to suit the needs of individual customers. They range from luxurious to affordable country cottages. Below are some of the most popular features of holiday cottages in Scotland.holiday cottages scotland


These cottages have amenities for babies, children and adults. They may offer house amenities for kids such as cots and high chairs. They may also offer outdoor facilities like gardens for the family to play and relax. They are also well equipped so that the family has almost everything it may require.

Open Fire

Such cottages have open fires with wood burning stoves, or fire that burns coal and logs. The fires symbolise traditional Scotland homes and are a great way of escaping back in time. They also offer relaxation and warmth and generally create a home-away-from-home feeling.


These features are popular because they enable guests to eat what they want and when they want. Self-catering is available in luxurious, expensive and cheap cottages. The cottages are fitted with all the equipment that makes cooking easy.


These allow visitors to bring their pets along by prior arrangement. Most of them have pet supplies like cat litter, furniture throws and dog beds among others. The management may charge an extra amount of cash for each pet.

Swimming Pools

Cottages with either indoor or outdoor swimming pools facilities are popular because they enable guests to swim whenever they wish within the confines of their cottages. Guests are also able to have additional fun by holding poolside parties.

Holiday cottages in Scotland offer a variety of features to cater for the needs of different people. Renting a cottage is a great way of ensuring that you enjoy high quality accommodation at a pocket-friendly price.

How do you own your own holiday cottage in Scotland?

If you have decided that you would like to invest in a second or third property for holiday purposes it would be best to start off your search with a well known reputable property agent in the Scotland area. When looking to buy a holiday cottage in Scotland you will want to make sure that you are on the lists of agents who will be able to notify you when a cottages comes up for sale.holiday cottages scotland

One of the many advantages of owning a holiday cottage in Scotland is that you will immediately start making a return on the property if is currently let out. Many holiday makers love to come to Scotland so there will never be a shortage of people who would love to rent your cottage out in the holiday months.

Ensuring that you have a managing agent in place can benefit your property in various ways. Maintenance and repairs can be done on your behalf while keeping your customers happy and content in your absence. It is of importance that your holiday cottage keeps up an ascetically pleasing appearance. All these aspects are possible when you choose a managing agent with a proven track record that can offer you satisfactory services.

Before you make an offer on a holiday cottage in Scotland it would be advisable that you rent out a similar cottage to attain if you are making the best decision to suit your particular needs. Rent the cottage at different times of the year to ensure you are making the right decision on the area that you have chosen.

Investing in a holiday cottage could mean you have a wonderful place to retire to in your older years. Any investment should be treated with care and pride and the returns it can offer you can be beneficial to your current needs.